If you have a Lenovo mobile phone and finding a way to connect this phone to your personal computer, and had installed the Lenovo mobile assistant app on your mobile phone still a connection has not been made. Then you have reached the right place.

In this tutorial, I am going to tell you how you can connect your mobile phone with the PC. The second name of this software is magic plus mobile assistant that provide an opportunity to make connections.

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This is the way you will able to manage your Lenovo smartphone from PC. Just tap the download button below to get the download link of Lenovo mobile assistant for Windows or PC. As, without of not installing the Lenovo Mobile assistant on both the sides of the data cable, you would not be able to connect the mobile to the computer, so first install this on your computer, enable the USB debugging on your mobile phone and then connect that Lenovo mobile phone to the personal computer for communicating your mobile phone.

As Lenovo is considered one of the leading brands of the smartphone world, this mobile company has given many brands and the latest released also shatters the markets with the features and functions. To communicate with such brand of the phone is not a difficult task; you just tap the finger and connect the Lenovo mobile phone to the computer.

As you can use any third party PC suite or toolbut the use and efficiency of the official tools and application are unmatchable. So, always try to have the official tool, and in the case of connecting Lenovo mobile phone, Lenovo mobile assistant will be a perfect choice. There is a long list of features, provided by the tool; one cannot cover the all features of the phone in the just single post. But, would be better to mention the some of them, effective, most useful and top-rated, handy features.

So, taste the salt, by backup your entire device using Lenovo mobile assistant for PC, you can backup mobile phone call logs, SMS, contacts, mobile phone entire storage, mobile phone apps data and much more by using the tool.

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As I mentioned, this would be the top rated feature of the tool. You even can manage the folders, files of the phone, by connecting the phone to the computer. One can share the same internet connection to the personal computer, no extra charges or bandwidth will be used.

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You can install plenty of applications, can install updates for your Android OS. Can change the Official permission or path of the download or anything by using Lenovo mobile assistant. Would not be good if not to mention the Sync feature of the Lenovo mobile assistant for PC.One of the best and fastest way to manage your Xiaomi file son your personal desktop. But the application is available in Chinese version and most of the English users are facing language problem with the application.

mi assistant apk for pc

To get started all you have to install the Chinese version of MI Phone manager and once the app is installed all you have to make some changes on your windows PC. Lets take a look how to do that and how to use phone manager in English. Step 1.

Download MiPhoneManagerEnglish. Step 2. Step 3. See the screenshot below Step 4. Now the installation process will take some tine, and one it is done. You will see the MI Phone manager on your screen, but the language is Chinese. Step 5. Now to change the language to englsih. Step 6. Copy all the files from English patch folder and paste all files in main folder if asked for replacing then replace them.

For more Xiaomi Tips, check out our some of the best Xiaomi Guide here. Argh, probably a new original chinese program is downloaded and the patch does not work anymore…. Yes Sidharth did this… but with that two files, Some part are in chines and some in English… Full English still not enable.

I have just installed…. The trick was not to install the skin. In case of error, uninstall the program and do fresh install the right way i. I am getting the error after replacing the files, and I also read the last para and downloaded the latest ones and replaced, but still the same error. MY OS is Windows 7.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Get the Google Assistant for hands-free help Your Google Assistant is ready to help when and where you need it.

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mi assistant apk for pc

A full-featured Amazon Alexa voice assistant that can show you things. RoboBot Studio. Databot assistant is your personal artificial intelligence. Fast, simple, and secure.Comes with the Simple interface that everyone can easily understand what is going on the screen.

It will support almost all Xiaomi devices, but the only thing is Recently launched devices is not updated in the list. I think it would take time to be added. Have you heard about the Mi Flash Pro Tool? Not Mi Flash Tool. It is entirely different than Standard Mi Flash Tool. One of the best thing Right? If the file obeys the Xiaomi requirements, then it will only be the acceptable one. Proceed further with that Interest. Step 5. Step 7.

Step 8. Your device will be shown in the Mi Flash Pro Tool in the recovery option. If Not, then click on the Refresh button at the Bottom. Step 9. Unlocking Bootloader is also big trouble and many Users Experiencing this too. The universal tool helps you in many of the aspects. So, Better to choose this tool who have an interest in keeping Locked Bootloader. If this article was found useful for you, then share this with your friends.

mi assistant apk for pc

Your email address will not be published. If you think this is the same as Mi Flash Tool, then you are utterly wrong in this case. Yes, It Could be life Saviour for your phone. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.You can now download Mi PC Suite 3.

Mi, Redmi and Poco phones. The English version of this phone manager app is now available. The Chinese brand is continuously updating its lineup of Android compatible devices along with expanding business outside of China.

This singular PC Suite interacts directly with your device and allows for multiple tasks to be executed. Similar to other partner programs released by different brands, the Mi PC Suite lets you sync data, manage files and flash firmware. To know more details about this tool, supported devices and a list of features included, continue reading ahead.

You can use it on Windows 10, 8, 7 and even on Windows XP. It carries a very unique and colorful design which sets it apart from other programs. Material Design makes the experience more pleasant. Mi PC Suite is loaded with lots of features and options for Xiaomi phones. Some of the highlights and features are:. Rather than forcing you to find the app permission settings on the phone, you can use the Mi PC Suite to select the individual permissions allowed for each app.

Once your phone is connected and recognized by the Mi PC Suite, it will automatically check for new updates and let you install them once finished downloading. You can also choose from two different categories of updates, Stable or Beta, and the suite will automatically fetch the latest one in the chosen channel. The program would also let you create a full-size backup straight on your phone with apps, media and data which you can revert back to using the same software.

This is handy when switching phones. You can manage and control your Mi phone screen from the PC with the built-in screencast feature. This feature is only compatible with phones powered by MIUI.

And if you need to take several screenshots of an app on your phone, you can use the screenshot feature.

China Mi PC Suite with English Translation

We have also listed down the supported devices that work well with this phone manager. This is the English version that works with all global devices. You do not need to know Chinese to use this tool. There is another dedicated tool for it called Mi Flash Tool. It gives you more control on how you want to manage files and folders.

You can also backup data and restore it later if something goes wrong with your phone. There is no APK available or exists for this tool. Do not download it! He lives on everything Android; has countless devices, apps and games to play with everyday.

Currently serving as the Chief Editor at Team Android. Contents hide. Haris Nadeem He lives on everything Android; has countless devices, apps and games to play with everyday.It is the all-in-one tool to manage your device. It can install apps, update the mobile operating system, organize files, and so on. However, you may not need this software at all thanks to the flexibility of Android-powered smartphone — compared to Apple iPhone. Despite the nature of the software which is dispensable, you may still need it sometimes.

Mi PC Suite is also a savior in the critical case of bootloop error. In most cases, you can fix a bootloop error if the bootloader of your Xiaomi phone has been officially unlocked read: how to unlock Xiaomi bootloader.

Fortunately, many users have reported that using the Chinese version of Mi PC Suite simply solves the problem. This needs no bootloader unlocking mechanism. Nevertheless, the only problem is that the China version is in Chinese. This brings a headache for those who cannot speak and read Chinese. Many users searched and requested this software for its capability to fix a bootloop MIUI phone.

How to boot Xiaomi Phones into Recovery mode (Mi Recovery)

Many believe that the Chinese version possesses a higher level of power compared to its global English version. You can grab it from the link below. Alternatively, you can also download the installer file from our mirror link below.

The link is served through direct hot link. The file available from our mirror has been renamed to alphabet from Chinese characters. It could be a little bit tricky but you may be safe installing the tool by following the corresponding steps below. You may also need to create a Desktop Shortcut by ticking the option. Click the Next button as displayed in the pic. Once the process is done, tick the only option and click the button to finish and directly launch the software.

You may need to close the software first if it is currently running. Make sure you login using a valid Mi Account. How to download files from this blog. Found a broken link? Write a comment below! He loves blogging on everything Android. Culinary is his favorite. See him on instagram.

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File name : MiPCSuite-v3-beta. Version v3. Step 4 — Extract the Translation File. PC Suite China Version. Tweet Share Whatsapp Pin it. Related Posts.A PC suite is basically a software that synchronizes your phone with your PC to enable you manage it and download your content from your PC into your phone. It simply connects your phone to your computer.

Well, there are quite a number of PC suites that have been developed specifically for different phone brands. Xiaomi presents to you a newer and more convenient kind of PC suite.

In an updated version, Mi PC suite features quite more than the older version. The Mi PC suite English version 3. In the newer Mi PC suite, the burning issue has been looked into amicably. In this new version, you can easily and conveniently establish a connection between your Mi tablets and mobiles making it easier to manage your content from your computer and download content from you PC to your phone or tablet.

Just like a plug and play gadget or machine, the Mi PC suite features an auto start characteristic which allows an automatic connection between your device and computer when your device is connected. This automatic connection synchronizes your phone with your PC, thus reducing the hustle and tussle of struggling to connect and integrate it to your PC. The Mi PC suite has another amazing feature which I think might save you a great deal in data usage and economically as well.

It definitely merits you a great deal by saving that coin you would have spent in order to keep both your phone and PC in the internet. Thanks to the Xiaomi Company, for bringing up an economical and multi purposely helpful software. You can now walk through your favorites including your social media accounts, best videos on you tube, update your apps, receive and send emails, all through your phone using the shared PC internet connection.

Have you ones lost important data from your phone? Well you might prevent that from happening again by taking precautions using the new Mi PC suite version from Xiaomi. It features a backup option which has a path to a specific folder in your one of your partitions in PC. In the new version, you have an option to create a Mi account, and this allows you to contribute to the development of the software by presenting your bugs and feedback as well.

The moment your device connects to your computer, the model is displayed on the screen and you have the ability to access your file explorer and explore your files explicitly. Besides, you can browse through your applications, gallery which allows you to have a larger view of your favorite moments in your computer, and not forgetting the movies you have stored in your phone memory, your notes, music messages and contacts as well. What an experience brought to you by the Xiaomi Company.

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