good night light bulb reviews

The Drive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links. Read more. Driving at night can be difficult, especially when you factor in your ability to see clearly and the brightness of other car lights blinding you on the road. Having the right pair of night driving glasses can help alleviate light reflections to prevent eye strain and give you better vision while you drive.

Here are the best pairs of nighttime glasses we found to make your drive a little more comfortable. While the name may suggest the lenses are blue, like all other nighttime driving glasses, they are actually a tinted yellow. Their super light lenses and frames weigh in at 26 grams and their simple design makes them easy to slip on and off without fear of damaging them. Their tough metal frame construction is built to hold up against drops, dings, and dents.

Another bonus is they come with their own carrying case and screwdriver to tighten any loose screws in the frames. While they are a great way to help your vision at night, you may not see results right away. It may take some time to notice a change in glare reduction with these glasses.

These metal frame glasses come with plastic, polarized yellow-coated lenses to block blue light during night time drives.

good night light bulb reviews

Their simple design makes them a great choice for reducing brightness during drives, everyday activities, and protecting your eyes against tablet or computer screens. One of the greatest things we found with these nighttime glasses is how light they are, making them easier to wear without putting too much pressure on your nose or ears.

good night light bulb reviews

Heavier glasses can lead to headaches and become uncomfortable with extended wear. These are also impact-resistant, making them durable and able to withstand breaking if dropped. Another bonus is they come with their own carrying case. That also means they may not fit comfortably on your head, which over time could lead to a headache. These nighttime glasses prevent eye strain and help you see clearly with the aid of HD technology. They have yellow lenses to reduce glare and reflection.

The PC frame is constructed with a rubber finish, which is non-slip and ensures a proper fit. They're also useful in the daytime. The glasses are lightweight and large enough to wear on top of prescription glasses.

They do a great job of diminishing the glare from oncoming headlights and illuminating reflective surfaces.


They are designed for both men and women and come with a plastic storage case. Overall, they are sturdy, comfortable, attractive, and a good value. The biggest complaint about these glasses is they are described as "polarized" but don't appear to have any of the qualities of polarized glasses. They may also come with glued-on stickers on the lenses, which can be tricky to remove. The rubber coating also has a strong odor. All of our reviews are based on market research, expert input, or practical experience with most products we include.

This way, we offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best picks.

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Having a pair of night driving glasses is great, but what about if you already wear eyeglasses? To help make sure anyone can wear nighttime driving glasses, they come in a clip-on form that attaches directly to your glasses. This works by either being magnetic or resting on the lip of the frame. This gives you access to the benefits of full night glasses without having to get a prescription pair.These are the top 4 best headlights for night driving.

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Driving at night can be a difficult and scary experience, especially with poor or worn out headlights. But with the right equipment, driving at night can be much more enjoyable.

Best Light Bulbs For Sleep

A great percentage of car owners have shifted from halogen headlights to LED headlights since their introduction in the market. In its place is a glass chamber of gas. It requires a ballast to be connected to the car battery to function. When you turn on a HID headlight, the ballast shoots a 23, volt charge to the gas chamber to light it up. For the duration of your night drive, the HID headlight stays illuminated at a constant of 12v, power that is delivered to the headlight by both car battery and ballast.

With it, the HID Xenon is able to provide greater light than halogen bulbs while also consuming less power from your car. If you are the sort of night time driver who find white light too boring and prefer to liven up your night time driving with a shot of color on the road then the HID Xenon is for you.

The color range of the HID Xenon Headlight varies from yellow, bright white yellow, pure white, bright bluish white, light blue, blue, dark blue, and even blue indigo.

It is guaranteed that even their blue color range gives better night time illumination than the standard white or yellow halogen bulbs. It is sure to answer both your color and illumination requirement. Unlike their halogen counterpart where you can install right after purchase, installing the HID Xenon is a bit more complicated.

Installing any headlight with a ballast will require the skill of a professional regardless of what the product manual says. If you want a clean installation of a pair of HID headlights, visit your local mechanic. Letting the pros install it will save you the time re-installing it because you did not do it properly. So do yourself a favor and let a skilled car technician manage this for you.

You do not need a separate LED conversion kit. Consumers only have high praises for these new and improved headlights. The guys at OPT7 really did their homework with this one. Yes, it is a bit pricier, but well worth the extra buck because of its state of the art features.

First of all, it is water proof. The worst night time driving condition that you can possibly find yourself into other than driving under the influence of alcohol is — RAIN. Nothing spells danger than driving at night in the rain. It will ensure your safety while driving in a downpour because it will not conk out on you even if it gets drenched under the rain. Its second best feature is the Arc-Beam Lens Technology. The LED Headlight gives you a focused white light on the road.

No scattered light, no foggy light, no dark spots, no short beams. It is guaranteed to generate a pair of steady, focused, bright white light even in the heaviest of downpours at night. It is specially designed to fit right into any car and plugs right into any car computer system. Installing it is as easy as installing a light bulb, seriously.

Another great feature of the LED headlight is it guarantees a whopping 50, hour life span. Meaning the headlights are functional even if you keep them working for up to 50, hours on end.Affiliate Disclosure. None of our reviews are sponsored. We earn a commission when you purchase items through our links.

Updated March 26, In addition to a month of detailed testing, we continued to use the Maxxima night-light for an additional nine months in our homes. That testing, in conjunction with our conversation with a Department of Defense-funded PhD in neuroscience, reinforced that the Maxxima earns our top pick.

Read on to find out how we chose this winner, as well as the health advantages to using red light instead of white or blue as a bedroom night-light for you or your children.

We liked this night-light above all the others because it is affordable, has great build quality, and offers greater versatility than any other product we tested. In addition, the LED bulb is rated to last forhours, which translates to approximately eleven and a half years of continuous use.

The electrical cost for LED bulbs is negligible as well — with estimates around 25 cents per year with typical use. The red lighting is the ideal setting for most situations, particularly the bedroom, since the research we read through and discussed with Dr.

Bedrosian indicated a substantially-reduced risk of any negative impact, especially when compared to blue wavelengths in white and obviously blue lights. Affordability, versatility and great build quality make this our top pick.

good night light bulb reviews

The LED bulb is rated to last forhours and includes a doctor-approved red light. Fortunately, the Maxxima night-light also has the capability of producing brighter light with its white LED bulb. This setting is ideal for hallways, bathrooms, and anywhere else where additional light is needed to safely navigate. The sensor seemed to be well-tuned, quicking turning on the night-light when ambient light dimmed.

Instead, the light turns on and off gradually. The light from the Maxxima LED Multi-Color also strikes an effective balance between providing enough light to be useful, while also dissipating quickly enough that it is unlikely to have any substantial impact on sleep.

The Kinderglo — Portable Night Light is widely regarded by everyone from parenting blogs to Amazon reviewers to be among the best night-lights for children, so we wanted to test it out for ourselves. This night-light utilizes BPA and lead free plastic, and is made with soft touch materials.

We tested the Moon model but it comes in a variety of animal shapes. The recharging base works well, and it took about eight hours to fully charge the light. While the Kinderglo offers red, blue, and green light, as well as an option to shift between the colors, we strongly recommend leaving it only on the red light setting for the health reasons we went over earlier in this post.

If you are looking for a night-light that is well suited for infants, toddlers, and very young children, this can be a great alternative to the Maxxima LED Multi-Color, since it also adds an element of interactivity for your child. We found the swivel to be particularly useful for the bathroom, because the light can be directed towards the sink or toilet, and not directly into your eyes.

The other three night-lights we tested in-house were great as well. However, they were each limited, or outdone, in one way or another by our top three picks. That being said, they are worth taking a look at, as each does fulfill a specific niche. However, the fact that it uses AA batteries turned out to be a major, and negative, distinguishing factor. While the Kinderglo can be recharged on its base every day, the Gummygoods night-light needs to either be set to automatically turn off, or you need to be prepared to buy a lot of AA batteries or spend extra money on rechargeable AA batteries.

Lighting Science Good Night Light 2pack of LED Bulbs

On the plus side, the bear is undeniably cute, and the red light can be turned on and off just by squeezing it — something that young children would likely find fun and comforting. It also uses an internal AAA battery which is included, along with a charger. However, there is no red LED option, and the light it generates is not focused in any way. In order to find the best night-lights available on the market, we first narrowed down the potential candidates to only those that used LED bulbs.The Harth Sleep-Shift Light Bulb uses sleep technology that helps you wake up on time and supports healthy sleep patterns.

This night light claims to be a little bit more than a bulb in a socket. Harth wants you to hack your circadian clock, which is your natural sleep and wake cycle. The Sleep-Shift Light Bulb from Harth claims to do just that by simulating sunset every night with low blue light output and an amber glow.

The effect is quite beautiful and relaxing. The warm glow uses a 7-watt Amber LED light that is rated to last up to 30, hours at lumens. The result is that you can give any room the perfect ambiance. While the light bulb claims to emit specific wavelengths to help you go to sleep naturally, the special part about this bulb is the glow and energy savings. The Mr Beams battery-powered amber night light is great for versatile option for people not wanting the hassle of using mains power.

The unit is compact in size at just under 4 inches in width and height and only 1. The motion sensor is fantastic for it only coming on when it is needed when walking in the hallway or passage way in the house towards a bedroom or bathroom. This means you can use the Mr Beams light in your bathroom for when you need to go to the toilet at night. Even take the light when you go camping and use it in your tent or RV.

The Greenic red LED night light is an essential night light for every kind of home. With several different colors, you can choose a warm white or go with a bright blue. The soft glow LED light provides ambient light that is not distracting at night. What really catches your eye about this night light is the design. Simple and compact, the modern wide band provides a soft glow that provides an interesting design feature to most rooms. The dusk to dawn sensor allow the light to turn off and on automatically according to time of day.

The iAVO red soft glow night light is a great design that produces dim, but ambient light, plus energy savings. The small light is shaped like a rounded square with different colors to choose from. The night light comes with a dusk to dawn sensor that allows the night light to turn off automatically from day to night. The night has a soft glow at night, and you can set it to different colors. The Lohas slim night light has smart sensors to detect daylight and darkness, uses LED lights, plus, uses a ultra slim design so you can use it in any room or even a narrow hallway.

The design is pretty sleek. The Lohas night light looks like a small square, solid color.

The Best Night Light

You can pick between soft warm light, green light, orange, and white light. There are also multiple squares included in the pick.

You get four night lights for a great value individually.Bright light think: a sunny summer day not only boosts your mood, it also makes you feel energized, awake, and alert. These are the most commonly-used light bulbs think soft white, traditional-looking bulbsand are generally inexpensive.

They give off a diffuse, warm light, and typically last up to hours. They are not particularly energy efficient, unfortunately, but after red bulbs more on them, belowthese are the second best types of bulbs to use in your bedroom. They also burn hot, and if you touch them and some of the oil on your skin rubs off on their surface, they can actually burst. These spiral-shaped bulbs have been big news in recent years thanks to their energy efficiency; they last about ten times as long as incandescent bulbs.

However, they emit significant amounts of blue light, which interferes with sleepso you should keep them out of your bedroom and other areas where you spend time in the evening. Typically small and dome-shaped or clustered like dots into a larger bulbLEDs use about 75 percent less energy than traditional bulbs. LEDs also produce significantly more blue light than traditional bulbs. Interestingly, red wavelengths of light are most conducive to sleep. Try installing red or even pink bulbs in your bedroom, or use a red Christmas-tree bulb in any nightlights or reading lamps you use before bed.

Incandescent Bulbs These are the most commonly-used light bulbs think soft white, traditional-looking bulbsand are generally inexpensive. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs CFBs These spiral-shaped bulbs have been big news in recent years thanks to their energy efficiency; they last about ten times as long as incandescent bulbs. Red Bulbs Interestingly, red wavelengths of light are most conducive to sleep.

Is your mattress old, saggy, or uncomfortable? This guide discusses when to replace a mattress and some strategies for helping your bed last longer. How much does a mattress cost? We break down the average price of a mattress based on type, size, materials, and construction so you know what to expect. What size mattress should I buy? There are six popular sizes to choose from, each with unique pros and cons.

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Learn more in our detailed mattress size guide!Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. The problems start to happen when you mess with the natural cycle or rely mostly on indoor lighting.

Chris Wintersleep medicine specialist and neurologist, adding that you should minimize your exposure to blue light, in particular, in the few hours before you go to sleep. We spoke to sleep specialists and psychiatrists, and consulted the scientific literature, to find the best blue-light-free light bulbs for your home.

The first is by Lighting Science, an American company that was contracted by NASA back in to help create a lighting solution to help astronauts on the International Space Station maintain their earthbound sleep cycles. Soraa was founded by a scientist who was awarded a Nobel Prize in physics for his invention of blue LEDs — though, somewhat ironically, their Soraa Healthy bulbs are devoid of this blue light.

The obvious place to install either of these blue-light-free bulbs is in your bedroom, but Winter recommends experiments. These bulbs are effective in other rooms where you spend time right before bed, like the living room or your office. In fact, Lighting Science makes a light bulb marketed specifically as a nursery bulb, designed to help babies and children fall asleep faster, and sized to fit smaller lamps. But both acknowledged that, at least in theory, the science of eliminating blue lights from light bulbs made sense.

But ultimately, these blue-light-free light bulbs should not be considered a silver bullet that are going to instantly help you fall asleep. The Strategist is designed to surface the most useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the vast e-commerce landscape.

Some of our latest conquests include the best acne treatmentsrolling luggagepillows for side sleepersnatural anxiety remediesand bath towels. We update links when possible, but note that deals can expire and all prices are subject to change.

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Every editorial product is independently selected. If you buy something through our links, New York may earn an affiliate commission. Account Profile. Sign Out. Buy at Amazon. Tags: the strategist sleep week home lighting recommended by experts More. Most Viewed Stories. More Stories.LED Night lights Bulbs are essential accessories for any home; they provide a soothing atmosphere and optimum illumination during the night and have been proved to offer a comforting glow for a good night for many people.

Actually, nightlights assist in keeping the babies calm. Not all night lights are worth to purchase. However, in this article, we have examined and come up with top 10 best LED night lights in reviews. This is one of the brightest nightlights bulbs available in our markets today. It is usually energy efficient and will save you over 90 percent of the electricity bill.

Ideally, this Night Light Bulb yields a total of 25 lumens of light that will light up a large area and also has a wide application. It can be used in office, schools, stores, Christmas lighting and more.

It not only has an eco-friendly LED light but also produces light with a beam angle of degrees. Apart from that, it is made with good quality hard plastic materials and its LED lights have a lifespan of hours. It produces Warm Yellowish Light that is relaxing and comfortable for your eyes; this makes it perfect for night festivals.

Similarly, it produces a degrees beam of light that will cover a wide area in your backyard. With its 25, hours lifespan, it will serve you for a long time without failing you. Most importantly, the bulb has over temperature protection as well as Short circuit protection thus it will remain to save when you are using it. They are perfect choice for your restaurants, hotel rooms, lobbies dining rooms as well as decorative lighting.

This LED bulbs have an average of hours lifespan and fit a variety of adornment. They are going to save you over 90 percent on electricity bill and has over-temperature protection, short circuit protection as well as overload protection. These LED Filament bulbs are mercury-free with a degrees beam angle hence it will cover a wide area in your backyard. It will also create a personal and comfortable atmosphere for you and your family.

Backed with a free two-year unlimited warranty. If you want to have a reliable, bright LED light, Philips LED will offer a soft white light to put out daylight-style light, it will create a relaxing and comfortable environment in your closets, bathrooms and it can gently illuminate hallways, on other words, it will turn on instantly putting out a steady, clear flicker-free light. The bulb will last 10X longer as compared to incandescents, it is also an efficient and compact bulb that is safe to use and does not waste any energy.

That is to say that it will save you with a lot of energy cost. If you are just looking for a reliable, bright LED light for areas like kitchens and bathrooms there is no need to look further. LED Dusk light bulbs are ideal in home life. It has the capability to identify the absence of light and it will automatically light up dusk till dawn. For that purpose, this Frosted Bulb can be used in corridors, stairs, garage, front door etc. The bulbs act like an intelligent servant and it will lighten your home as soon it detects the darkness.

With attention to energy saving, this bulb will save you with electricity cost as it is 88 percent energy efficient. This is a high-quality LED night light Bulbs that comes with a cost-friendly price. It produces a fire like color with an amazing ambiance without smoke or hazard. In addition to that, it has an inviting and cozy visual warmth making it ideal for ceiling light, indoor floor lamp, garage lights, outdoor lamp post or any other place.

It is easy to use as you just need to connect it into a standard bulb socket. This energy-saving light bulb use only 4 watts of energy thus it will save you more on electricity bills. Above all, it is made with an innovative design and 75 LEDs flash that replicate the look of an actual frame.

This is a product with 2 packs of LED night light that offers warm white lightness; you are only required to plug it in the socket and turn on the switch and you are done.

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