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european grocery store chains

Main article: List of supermarket chains in Serbia.In the cutthroat U. The company released the list of the 20 stores it plans to open in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia during the summer, but declined to identify which will be among the inaugural bunch.

Can it succeed in such a crowded field? He said there's room in the nation for about 7, limited-assortment, smaller format stores like Lidl. The smaller format saves on labor and utility costs and the house-labeled items can be more profitable while still perceived as high quality.

By the end of next summer, Lidl rhymes with "beetle" said it will open stores along the East Coast, creating 5, jobs. When customers shop at Lidl, they will experience less complexity, lower prices, better choices, and greater confidence. Lidl will go up against traditional chains, like Kroger, and more specialized stores, such as Whole Foods Market, as more healthful eating moves to the mainstream.

Big-box retailers, such as Walmart, are upping their grocery game.

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And everyone is competing with online purveyors. As a result, they may soon claim up to half of the total share in many markets," the Boston Consulting Group said in its report on how these chains are remaking the worldwide grocery industry. The navigation could not be loaded.Retail-Index is the most up-to-date online database on retailers in Europe paid access includes offline Excel file.

One minute demo video. Retail-Index is the most complete, up-to-date and user-friendly online database which lists both internet- and traditional retailers in Europe. The complete database contains more than retail chains with 1. The database is a highly practical and unique source of information because it displays clear rankings and profiles. These hold key data on national and international retail chains in every European country as well as several major countries elsewhere.

List of supermarket chains in Europe

Every retailer is presented in profile-form which, amongst others, features the name and the address of the headquarters, contact details, information about its management CEOturnover development, banners, number of stores, websites and webshops. We also present ranked lists per country based on recent turnover data to provide a clear overview of the different companies, their revenue and current number of shops.

On top of this you will also receive an Excel file containing all the information requested and paid for. View latest number of retailers per sector and country in database. View more top retailers. For further information please go to www.

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Full access to Retail-Index is given against paid 1 year subscription. There is no automatic renewal. Your access to all major retailers in Europe Retail-Index is the most up-to-date online database on retailers in Europe paid access includes offline Excel file.

The data of Portugal are free of charge. Major retailers in Europe, their rankings and their profiles Retail-Index is the most complete, up-to-date and user-friendly online database which lists both internet- and traditional retailers in Europe.

european grocery store chains

Our database contains European retail chains and is the largest retailers database in Europe. It has all retailers ranked by turnover and also includes the number of stores for each retailer as well as individual retailer profile and address data.

All information will be supplied online, which is most practical, but also in Excel format which we will prepare for our customers without extra charges. Our international research team is looking forward to being of service to you.

Examples Price and Order F. Retailer count per sector and country.Which food retailers make the biggest mark across Europe? Here are 10 of the most familiar chains on the continent. To read the September issue of our Business Review Europe magazine, click here. Leclerc E. Leclerc — known colloquially as Leclerc — is an operator of hypermarkets based in France. The bulk of Leclerc stores — a mix of independent stores and hypermarkets — are scattered throughout France.

Other locations include Portugal, Spain, Poland and Slovenia. Edeka Group Based in Hamburg, Germany with a workforce ofEdeka Group operates about 4, stores that range in size from hypermarkets to neighbourhood corner shops.

The supermarket chain has nearlyemployees and operates in dozens of countries across Europe under different names. The group operates 6, stores selling 21 local brands and employing more thanpeople in 11 countries. This grocery retailer has two headquarters in Germany with geographical oversight for certain areas the sole responsibility of each.

Essen is the headquarters of Aldi Nord with its 35 regional companies that operate individual stores in northern, eastern and western Germany as well as France, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the Iberian Peninsula. Metro Group Metro Group is one of the most diversified companies on this list. The company also operates nearly 1, electronics stores for consumers across the globe and employs aboutpeople at its nearly 1, locations in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Lidl A discount grocery store based in Germany, Lidl serves 20 countries in Europe with more than 10, stores. France and Germany boast the most Lidl locations with 1, and 3, respectively.

Lidl — which is known for its no-frills approach that provides consumers with cartons of groceries with the manufacturer's prices prominently displayed — recently expanded to south eastern United States with notification regarding Australian markets expected to be unveiled in Carrefour Carrefour boasts nearly 12, locations throughout the world with its primary focus being the European market. With more than 1, hypermarkets that sell a variety of products in addition to groceries, Carrefour operates in diverse countries worldwide such as Armenia, Belgium, Spain, Morocco, Brazil, Jordan and China.

Tesco PLC Tesco operates more than 6, supermarkets, superstores and hypermarkets throughout Europe. From its headquarters in Hertfordshire, England, Tesco oversees more thanemployees at stores in 12 countries. Tags: E.Just as in the States, Germany has a number of different chain grocery stores which include regular grocery stores along with a large number of discount grocery chains.

european grocery store chains

The average grocery store is much smaller than a typical grocery. Germany has a large number of discount grocery stores. These discount chains specializes in the staple items such as food, beverages, toiletry items, cleaning products and other inexpensive household items.

There discount chains have weekly special offers for items such as electronics, appliances or computers, clothing, toys, flowers, and gifts. Specials are only available in strictly limited quantities and for a limited timeframe one week. Aldi and Lidl are the two largest discount chains in Germany. The hypermarkets not only carry a large variety of staples as mentioned above but also carry an assortment of household good such as towels, some clothing, small appliances and decorative items.

Aldi Aldi was the first discount chain in Germany. Many of its products are own-brand labeled, with the number of outside brands being very limited. Aldi is the largest wine retailer in Germany. Edeka The Edeka Group is the largest German supermarket corporation. Edeka runs approximately 4, stores that range from small corner stores to large hypermarkets.

Edeka neukauf are bigger than aktiv martkts and are found in villages surrounding cities. Edeka center E-Center is a hypermarket. It carries a full selection of products in many different brands. Lidl Lidl is a German discount supermarket chain that operates 7, stores worldwide including the United States. The chain is unrelated to the Danish Netto chain, which also operates in Germany.

Penny Markt Penny Markt is a discount supermarket chain based in Germany, which operates stores throughout Europe. Rewe Rewe is a supermarket chain in Germany. Rewe stores tend to be on the smaller side. Tegut-Markt Tegut-Markt is a German grocery that focuses on the environment and organic products but also carries a variety of nonorganic products.

The store has its own brand but also carries other brands. Skip to main content. Here is a list of some of the local stores: Aldi Aldi was the first discount chain in Germany. Follow us on social media! Recommended Content.Most of us frequent supermarkets on a weekly basis, if not more often. We head in, shopping list in hand, and re-stock any kitchen or household supplies that may be dwindling. From fruits, vegetables, dairy, and proteins to paper towels, kitchen cleaners, canned beans, pastaoatmeal, and more, the list is pretty much endless.

While many these days choose to source their seasonal produce from farmers marketsmost of us still rely heavily on supermarkets for a majority or all of the weekly shopping. There are, of course, many smaller, more local chains or even smaller, independent grocery stores all over the country. For this list however, we looked only at the larger names, those supermarkets that cover America with multiple locations and are commonly known in many states.

We ranked them based on our list of the best supermarkets in every state and also did further extensive research, scouring the internet for similar supermarket rankings as well as supermarket reviews and check-ins on sites like Yelp and Foursquare.

We start our list with the mammoth chain Walmartwhich makes the list largely due to sheer number of locations and the consequent accessibility of the brand. Walmart has also started to offer a larger and larger range of organic products, which is music to our ears! They are well loved for their low prices, and in WinCo became one of the largest certified employee-owned companies in the country. Winn-Dixie is a subsidiary of Southeastern Grocers and the second-largest supermarket chain in the Southeast based on store count.

Another employee owned company, this chain, founded in Beaconsfield, Iowanow has more than supermarkets throughout the Midwest.

european grocery store chains

Gary H. Founded in Idaho inthis chain now has over 1, stores across the country. According to their website, all of their stores were founded with the philosophy of offering customers the products they wanted to buy at a fair price, with lots of tender, loving care. With headquarters in Walker, Michiganthis chain, founded inis considered to have introduced the now-ubiquitous supercenter concept to consumers.

They sell everything from grocery items and household essentials to sporting goods, clothing, and furniture! One of the leading discount supermarket chains in the world, founded in Germany inAldi has over 10, stores in 18 countries. Though their products were once considered to be low-quality and cheap, these days customers love the affordable prices and environmental efforts — customers have to bring their own bags rather than use plastic ones.

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This chain operates in 33 states and D. Its benchmark for success is rooted in operating quality stores with great customer service. This beloved Texas supermarket chain was founded in They have over stores across Texas and northeastern Mexico, making them the twentieth largest retailer in the U. H-E-B is also known for treating their employees well — inthe chain was rated the best retail employer in the United States by Indeed.

New Seasons has a good mix of grocery classics and local, organic favorites. It also gives 10 percent of profits back to the community. Founded in downtown Cincinnati inthis supermarket chain now has nearly 2, stores in 35 states, making it one of the largest supermarkets in the world. Never sell anything you would not want yourself.

Bill W. North Carolina -based Harris Teeter encourages each of its stores to be an active part of the community by working with local schools and food voucher systems. The company was founded in it was originally called Price Club and was set up in a converted airplane hangar in San Diego! Inthe first named Costco location opened in Seattle.

The first Whole Foods was founded in in Austin, Texasand the chain has since grown into an international grocery giant with stores in the U. S and U. Publix was founded in Florida in and has now grown to operate stores in that state alone, with additional stores in six other states.

Simply put, Publix has great customer service, selection, and quality. The family-owned company prides itself on offering local and responsibly grown produce from its own organic farm. Founded inthere are now 95 stores across New York where there are 46 locationsPennsylvaniaNew Jersey, MarylandVirginia and Massachusetts. Wegmans also carries its own affordable health food brand and artisanal products, making it no surprise that this supermarket won the No.

Skip to main content.Global Powers of Retailing is a report by published by Deloitte each year. The report identifies the largest retailers worldwide based on publicly available data. The latest report was released in and is for FY fiscal years ended through June According to the report, overall, Brexit is having a detrimental effect on some European economies to struggle, particularly the United Kingdom, and there are weak performances by some big European-based retailers in recent years including the grocery sector.

However, according to the report, Europe overall has shown accelerated growth while it has lost ground to the Asia-Pacific region and other emerging markets. For the grocery sector, digitalization is firmly entrenched and global grocery sales through e-commerce channels increased by 30 percent in the past year. Brexit has had a profound effect on the United Kingdom. There was a decline in the value of the pound, although it has recovered slightly, leading to higher import prices.

Inflation has caused a decline in consumer spending, and retail sales have faltered. Many companies are shifting jobs to the continent because of the uncertainty caused by Brexit and the modest growth outlook for the United Kingdom. The Eurozone economy, however, is showing robust growth particularly in Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands.

France is economically sound, and Italy is starting to show signs of improvement, all of which bodes well for Europe's retailers. Digital transformation is the focus of the latest Global Powers of Retailing report because omni-commerce is now representative of the retail industry. Also, the French supermarket chain Casino is partnering with the online retailer Ocado to use Ocado's technology platform and initiate e-commerce business in France.

In Spain, DIA is partnering with online discount retailer MeQuedoUno to expand its e-commerce activities in electronics and other household goods. In the United Kingdom, the grocer Morrison's, aided by Amazon, brought one-hour grocery delivery to London's shoppers.

As the growing grocery delivery trend suggests, grocers and retailers are transitioning from providers of goods to purveyors of services and solutions, and not just where food is concerned. Many are offering health and wellness services in the form of in-store health clinics and on-site nutritionists and dietitians.

In the United Kingdom, Debenhams is trialing fitness centers by partnering with the gym company Sweat!

List of supermarket chains in Europe

German consumer electronics retailer Ceconomy, a spin-off from Metro, has launched a VR application that allows shoppers to browse for selected products in two virtual environments. In-store robots are being trialed by several retailers to handle routine and mundane tasks and improve efficiency and service levels.

In Denmark, the supermarket Coop is experimenting with unmanned store pilots.

What’s in Store: the Future of Retail

Below is a complete list of European retailers ranked in the top by the Global Powers of Retailing. The number in the left column is the global ranking number assigned to the company, based on its revenue figures, compared to the other largest retail organizations worldwide.

For a complete list of the retailers ranked in the top global retailers, refer to the list in the Global Powers of Retailing.

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